4 Tampons You Need to Know About

Image: Tyler Donohue

Here at Madami, we believe in informed choice. That means that everyone who menstruates should be able to choose products that are suitable for their particular needs, while also staying true to their political and social values.


Source: Tsuno

When you land on Tsuno’s website, you are greeted with a promise — Your periods have never felt so good.


Source: Trace Femcare

At its core, Trace Femcase is about fostering a connection between consumers and nature. We can all become stewards of this land with our buying-power. Trace believes, first and foremost, that periods can be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Hempress Hygienics

Source: Hempress Hygienics

First and foremost, they prioritize environmental sustainability. All hail hemp! It is naturally biodegradable, pesticide free, water efficient, and carbon negative. Can we envision happy periods on the horizon? Hempress Hygienics certainly can.


Source: Vyldness

Enter Vyld, a company focused on saving the oceans one period at a time. They make period products from seaweed that are radically sustainable and fair and marine degradable.




A social impact agency specializing in gender, female & menstrual health

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A social impact agency specializing in gender, female & menstrual health

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