4 Tampons You Need to Know About

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By Tyler Donohue

Image: Tyler Donohue

Disclaimer: Madami believes that, more than anything else, product choice and informed choice is essential. There is no one fits all when it comes to period products, and we believe everyone who menstruates should have access to the full array of products. This is not a promotional or paid post but our insights on emerging trends that have us excited for the future for menstrual products.

Did you know that the average woman* will have an average of 456 periods in a lifetime. For tampon-users, this translates to about 9,120 tampons used. These days, many self-proclaimed eco-feminists proselytize about menstrual cups and other reusable menstrual products.

Here at Madami, we believe in informed choice. That means that everyone who menstruates should be able to choose products that are suitable for their particular needs, while also staying true to their political and social values.

That’s exactly why we are so excited to see emerging trends and innovations in the FemTech space, specifically around period products. Using materials such as hemp, organic cotton, bambo, and even seaweed, these products allow women to make a positive impact on the environment with each period. What is not to love about that?

Understanding menstruation as part of a larger menstrual cycle is one of the most powerful ways we can rewild and connect with our own distinct needs and desires.

Here are some products we’re especially excited about —


Source: Tsuno

I’m not sure what is more alluring about Tsuno’s branding, whether it’s the impeccable artwork and graphic design, or the fact that they sell tea and chocolate as well as tampons and pads. Each Tsuno box seems to tell a different story from the same book.

Either way, Tsuno is creating an impact in the sustainable FemTech field.

Founded in 2017, Tsuno sells disposable, sustainable bamboo fiber pads and organic cotton tampons. There are never any pesticides and synthetics used in their products, because Tsuno doesn’t believe these belong in our bodies or the environment.

When you land on Tsuno’s website, you are greeted with a promise — Your periods have never felt so good.

According to a 2015 study from Cone Communication on millennial attitudes toward corporate social responsibility, “87 percent of women aged 18 to 34 say it’s a key factor in purchasing decisions, and 75 percent say they’re willing to spend more on a socially or environmentally responsible project.” Tsuno promises to satisfy on all fronts. Not only are their products sustainable, they donate 50% of their profits to charities focused on women’s empowerment, particularly menstrual health and education. Currently, they are working in partnership with One Girl, an organization that provides education scholarships and menstrual products to marginalized girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Tsuno also offers a subscription service. This way you rarely have to think about actually buying pads and tampons. Select your 5 product choices, ranging from regular to overnight pads, tampons, and don’t forget to add fair trade tea from Clipper Tea, and small ethically produced Australian chocolate from Deva Cacao.

So, maybe our periods do feel good when it means environmentally-conscious period products, tea, chocolate, and creating social impact.

Learn more on the Tsuno website and Follow on Instagram @_tsuno_


Source: Trace Femcare

At Trace, they believe that periods can help heal the earth. Or perhaps, it’s our decisions and product choices for managing our periods can help heal the earth. They are building a business that will sell premium tampons made with hemp and Climate Beneficial cotton. Climate Beneficial cotton, is sourced from land stewards who are enhancing carbon drawdown through agricultural practice that regenerate soil health.

These tampons will be made to restore the earth through regenerative practices and the natural capabilities of hemp, such as its natural biodegradability and antimicrobial properties.

The company was founded by Claire, a women’s health nurse practitioner, and Meg, a like-minded physician. They bonded over a desire to innovate in menstrual health, cultivate a transparent and mission driven organization, and health earth. None of this is conceptual. At Trace, they believe in person-to-person healing, and they provide fair wages and land restoration to BIPOC and idigenous people in their supply chain.

At its core, Trace Femcase is about fostering a connection between consumers and nature. We can all become stewards of this land with our buying-power. Trace believes, first and foremost, that periods can be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Learn more at Trace Femcare, on their website or Follow them on Instagram @traceyourtampon

Hempress Hygienics

Source: Hempress Hygienics

Hemp fiber is used to create everything from rope and textiles, to bioplastics and biofuel. In fact, people have been creating products with hemp since around 2800 BCE. In other words, a very long time.

It took innovators awhile, but finally we will have hemp tampons. Hempress Hygienics believes in supporting women and the environment and will sell 100% hemp menstrual products once their product hits the market.

First and foremost, they prioritize environmental sustainability. All hail hemp! It is naturally biodegradable, pesticide free, water efficient, and carbon negative. Can we envision happy periods on the horizon? Hempress Hygienics certainly can.

These naturally raw materials are not only good for the environment, they’re healthy for the body. The antimicrobial fibers are free of toxins, plastics, hormone disruptors, and fragrance.

Like so many of their peers, Hempress Hygienics is a true social enterprise. They are currently pursuing B-Corp certification. They are dedicated to empowering women by making menstrual products available globally, and a portion of every purchase will be donated to women-focused charities to provide hygiene products, health care, and education.

At Hemp Hygienics, they are on a mission to support her, hemp, and health. Learn more on their website or Follow them on Instagram @hempresshygienics


Source: Vyldness

Interested in sustainability? Well, I bet you never thought you could use a tampon made from seaweed.


Enter Vyld, a company focused on saving the oceans one period at a time. They make period products from seaweed that are radically sustainable and fair and marine degradable.

Vlyd seems to harness the momentum of the ocean itself to reframe social stigmas associated with periods, and leverage the potential of seaweed to allow womxn to live in accordance with nature.

Contributing to 12 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Vyld has environmental and social progress at the forefront of their mission.

If you are interested in connecting with nature and rewilding, head over to the Vyld website or Follow them on Instagram @vlydness to learn more!

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