Cycling to our next phase: Madami

Pictured: Milena Bacalja Perianes, Mariana de la Roche and Danielle Keiser, Managing Partners at Madami.

2021 marks a time for us to grow up and enter a new phase of our development.

Madami offers strategic consulting services, delivers social impact projects and tools, and hosts a global learning and networking platform called the Menstrual Health Hub.

This transformation will see us evolve from a collective impact nonprofit organization to a sustainable social business committed to gender equality.

1. The menstrual cycle is the ultimate entrypoint to women’s* health across their lifecycle- and we want to support women across their lives.

Madami’s Lifecycle Approach

We need to be talking about pain.

We need to be talking about menstrual discomforts, conditions and disorders.

We need to be talking about fertility, infertility and being in control of one’s own reproduction.

We need to be talking about sexual pleasure.

We need to be talking about menopause.

2. A hub is a place you gather, and that’s exactly what our platform will finally become.

The new MH Hub, launching September 2021

3. We want to be an accessible brand across geographies and languages

4. We want to help women* make more informed decisions about their health and bodies

5. Building a sustainable and scalable social business will generate greater impact

How will we do it?

The head of the house.

The boss of our bodies.

The leaders of a movement.

What you can do right now:

Will you join us in the female health revolution?



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