Cycling to our next phase: Madami

Pictured: Milena Bacalja Perianes, Mariana de la Roche and Danielle Keiser, Managing Partners at Madami.

2021 marks a time for us to grow up and enter a new phase of our development.

We could not be more excited to share this news with our friends, partners and global MH community. Change can be uncomfortable at first, but with change comes the opportunity for incredible growth. And with this transition to Madami, we’re convinced it’s only going to get better from here!

Madami offers strategic consulting services, delivers social impact projects and tools, and hosts a global learning and networking platform called the Menstrual Health Hub.

This transformation will see us evolve from a collective impact nonprofit organization to a sustainable social business committed to gender equality.

Below we outlined five reasons why we are transforming and what you can expect as we cycle into this new phase.

1. The menstrual cycle is the ultimate entrypoint to women’s* health across their lifecycle- and we want to support women across their lives.

Efforts targeting women’s health oftentimes still fail to 1., recognize that female health is inextricably linked with gender inequality, gender discrimination and social well-being, and 2., almost exclusively focus on the reproductive years and the reproductive health.

Madami’s Lifecycle Approach

We need to be talking about pain.

We need to be talking about menstrual discomforts, conditions and disorders.

We need to be talking about fertility, infertility and being in control of one’s own reproduction.

We need to be talking about sexual pleasure.

We need to be talking about menopause.

The possibilities beyond periods are endless! Menstruation is not the only taboo. If we connect the dots, there are a variety of experiences, events and corresponding unmet needs across the lifecycle that can be better addressed by better programmes, products and services. At Madami, we are committed to continuing to support women, girls and those who menstruate across their whole health and wellbeing journey.

2. A hub is a place you gather, and that’s exactly what our platform will finally become.

The Menstrual Health Hub is not going anywhere. Everything you love about our community and Knowledge Hive will still be there, and even better as of September 2021! The MH Hub will become an online place you can gather, connect and communicate when we launch our learning and social networking platform.

The new MH Hub, launching September 2021

3. We want to be an accessible brand across geographies and languages

As we have continued to expand our work, everyday we meet inspiring and accomplished activists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and actors from across the world. Increasingly we have realised the importance of accessibility and the ways in which anglo-normative traditions can make it difficult for people to engage, but also can disconnect us from our colleagues.

4. We want to help women* make more informed decisions about their health and bodies

In such a rapidly-changing world, understanding one’s health needs, navigating health services and finding the right products to meet a particular pain point can be challenging. Even more so for women or LGBTQIA+ persons living in a man’s world.

5. Building a sustainable and scalable social business will generate greater impact

Globally, development funding is decreasing, especially toward’s feminist causes. Rather than competing with our community for these precious resources, we have created a hybrid business model with Madami that allows us to offer sustainable and scalable solutions to diverse actors across both the public and private sectors.

How will we do it?

  • We will INFORM by bridging the gap between the public and private sector to support women* to make informed health decision-making.
  • We will help others INNOVATE using WCD and leveraging female health consumer and market intelligence to ignite and enhance the development of solutions needed across the FH lifecycle.
  • We will drive INVESTMENT into female health solutions because we believe that women’s* health markets can yield incredible social and financial returns.
  • We will continue to generate IMPACT with everything we do in order to create a more gender-equal world for women, girls and people who menstruate.

The head of the house.

The boss of our bodies.

The leaders of a movement.

What you can do right now:

Will you join us in the female health revolution?



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Madami is a purpose-driven advisory & innovation agency specializing in femtech, sextech and gender lens investing