In Standards We Trust — Why menstrual product standards are a precondition for informed choice, product availability and health equity

Many countries across the globe do not have standards to protect the health and safety of users, and the product information provided is often insufficient or simply nonexistent.

Definition of Menstrual Product Standards by Madami and Period, Global Glossary for the Menstrual Movement, January 2022.

Since there is so little data around the number of users adversely affected by menstrual products, we don’t know to what extent this creates a harmful impact for female health.

Download the ‘In Standards We Trust’ report here:

Menstrual products are necessities and not luxury goods.

Women’s and girls’ experiences are still too often informed by the unavailability of menstrual products, lack of accountability on product manufacturers for materials they use in their products compounded by lack of education about reproductive health, and long-lasting stigma and shame.



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