Vaccines, Vaginas and Why Our Voices Matter in Public Health

Source: Unsplash, Hannah Busing

It’s virtually impossible for this vaccine to affect your period,”

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You really shouldn’t touch this topic. You will only fuel anti-vaccine sentiment further.”

To reiterate, we are firm believers that everyone who is able to get vaccinated should get vaccinated.

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Fear and silence are the breeding ground for the very kinds of misinformation and alternative “facts” that perpetuate vaccine hesitancy and much of our current public discourse. Isn’t it time to break the vicious cycle?

Interestly, and importantly, almost all reported that they would still choose to get vaccinated again.

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Source: Madami and Quilt.AI
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Source: Madami and Quilt.AI

What is the true impact of a system that intentionally or unintentionally ignores your experience?

Women’s voices and experiences matter not only because listening to them can lead to more informed health decision-making for women, but also the people around them.

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We are ready for a change… and it starts with a proper conversation.



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